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Detail A Battle of Sorcerers :

Cherokee messiah John Sky must sacrifice himself to start the dawning of a New Age. The Raven Mocker is an ancient Cherokee sorcerer who extends his life by stealing the life energy of the innocent. Relentless in his dark quest, he will stop at nothing to prevent John Sky from fulfilling his sacred mission. Soon an unlikely hero emerges. DEA agent Dave Perry must become a sorcerer powerful enough to defeat the Raven Mocker. John Sky's mission depends upon it.


"It's about love, but tough love. Very tough love."
--Don Jose Ruiz, Ripples of Wisdom

"A whiz-bang literary experiment merging real life medicine teachings with
nail-biting adventure. I LOVE IT."

--Gini Gentry, Toltec Spiritual Teacher, author of Dreaming Down Heaven

"Morris is a better writer than Castaneda."
--James Morgan Ayres, The Jaguar's Heart

"Morris gives us not one, but four extraordinary heroines to root for."

--Georgina Spelvin, The Devil Made Me Do It.