Standing in the trauma room of an emergency department is like standing at ground zero of a nuclear reaction, only it’s not radiation that is released—but stories. Stories that are told and retold, sometimes just until the end of the shift, but sometimes for decades.

A survivor of domestic violence makes it to the hospital but cannot trust anyone. An anonymous man passes away after being taken to the emergency room, and no one can identify him. The spouse of a cancer patient must decide whether to force her to undergo chemotherapy or to let her pass away in peace.

These stories—and all the rest in People of the ER—grapple with what it means to be human in the face of trauma and death.

Written by the author of Trauma Room Two, People of the ER, delves deeper into the lives of the patients and staff that work in a small, rural emergency room.

Includes previously published short stories Jocelyn and Sutures.

  • Livre de Reliure: Kindle Edition
  • Catégories: eBooks
  • Date de sortie: 2017-10-11
  • Édition: 1

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